Introduction to LAYOUT

LAYOUT is the built-in CAD/CAM software that creates drawings (CAD) for parts and determines the tool path (CAM) used when cutting the part with your ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet. LAYOUT includes all the commands that one would expect to find in a CAD package. Powerful, simple, and straightforward, LAYOUT makes creating parts from scratch uncomplicated and trouble-free. LAYOUT allows you to import drawings directly from other programs, work with standard .DXF files or other standard file formats created using other drawing programs. It also includes the ProtoMAX Intelli-TRACE™ which allows you to import an image from a scanner, digital camera, or even directly off the Internet, and quickly convert it into a vector drawing.

After the part is drawn, the Generate Tool Path command specifies the order in which the lines in the drawing will be cut and determines on what side of the line the cut will be made.

LAYOUT uses these three methods to create part drawings:

1. Draw the part using the drawing tools:
LAYOUT has a full set of drawing tools, so you draw exactly the part you want.

2. Import a drawing from another CAD program:
LAYOUT supports the standard DXF drawing format (along with a variety of other formats). If a DXF file is provided, you can quickly and easily open it in LAYOUT , optimize it for abrasivejet machining and create the tool path required by the Intelli-MAX MAKE software to cut the part.

3. Trace a drawing or photograph:
LAYOUT allows you to display a bitmap or photograph that can then be traced using the drawing tool, Inteli-TRACE. Even if only a napkin with a part drawn on it is available, you can still recreate the drawing, create the toolpath, and cut that part with MAKE!