Clean the Catcher Tank

The catcher tank fills with sludge (spent abrasive garnet, material slugs, and other debris) during the cutting process and requires periodic cleaning. Clean the tank before or when the sludge reaches the bottom of the garnet bins or slats, when there is an increase of water turbulence while cutting, or before the flow is comprised. See the Maintenance Schedule for the recommended frequency for this task.


Bacteria in the tank water can build up. A minor break in the skin can introduce harmful bacteria into a wound. Always wear protective gloves if you have cuts or open wounds on your hands. Wear gloves that protect against sharp metal edges.


The garnet abrasive is not a chemical irritant, but if not quickly washed out, it can injure an eye just as sand would. Also, tank water could contain particles from the material or chemical irritants. Always wear eye protection when working on the ProtoMAX.


Spent garnet and catcher tank material can be heavy. Use care when lifting debris away from the machine to prevent injury.


To avoid damage, do not use flammable liquids or other chemicals to clean the equipment.

1. Move the Y-axis and Z-axis out of the way.
2. Turn OFF the machine.

Figure 598  

3. Open the lid and lock it in the upright position.

Use care when opening or closing the lid to avoid injury. Never let the lid free-fall. Keep hand, fingers, or body parts away from the side of the table when closing the lid.

4. Remove the water from the catcher tank.
5. Remove the garnet collection bins, clean, and set aside.

Figure 599  

6. Remove the slat or polymer cutting deck for easy access.
a. Loosen the cutting deck bolts [1] and align the t-nuts [2] with the frame slot [3].

Figure 600  

b. Carefully lift the cutting deck out of the catcher tank.

Figure 601  


Use care when removing sludge from the catcher tank. Sharp objects can damage the catcher tank.

7. Remove the sludge from the catcher tank bottom and place it in a bucket or other container for disposal (see Important Safety Information for Disposing of Waste Materials).

8. Inspect catcher tank armor plating for excessive damage (deep wear spots or holes, worn or thin edges and corners), replace if needed.
9. Reinstall the cutting deck.

Figure 602  

10. Reinstall the garnet bins.

Figure 603  

11. Fill the catcher tank with water.
12. Close the lid.