Nozzle Clogging

Nozzle clogging can occur when operating an abrasive waterjet. A nozzle becomes clogged when something prevents the water and abrasive from exiting the nozzle assembly through the mixing tube during the cutting process. Because the water and abrasive—which are traveling at a high velocity—cannot exit the mixing tube, they flow back up the abrasive tube, sometimes up to the abrasive hopper.

When a nozzle clog occurs, the cutting head moves but does not cut the part. Heavy splashing from the nozzle may be forced out of the abrasive tube.



Knowing what causes nozzle clogging will help you understand how to prevent it in the future. Knowing how to recover effectively from a nozzle clog is essential.

To learn how to prevent nozzle clogging, see Nozzle Clogging: Causes and Prevention.