Sets the machining Quality of the drawing

The mouse wheel can be used to zoom-in and zoom-out while using this command.

Quality right-click commands


The Quality command brings up a fly-out menu with commands for setting the quality of entities in the drawing. LAYOUT uses different colors to represent the selected Quality for each entity.

The Quality colors

The Quality chosen affects the perceived surface finish and how quickly the part is made. A Quality of "1" will make the part quickly, but with a rougher surface finish than a Quality of "5." A Quality of "5" will have a finer surface finish, but it will take longer to make the part.

The Quality is always adjusted for the material being used. A Quality of "3" will move considerably faster through a part made of foam than through a part made from one-inch steel.


If you click the Quality button, this automatically selects the Quality Cursor command.

Slit Quality

Several Qualities also have a corresponding Quality of "Slit," which cuts at the same speed, but does not use a tool offset. The Slit Quality can be applied to Qualities 1 to 5.

To choose the Slit Quality, you right-click the desired Quality button and select it from the menu that appears.

Right-click on the desired Quality to see this menu


Slits are shown as the same colors as the corresponding Quality, but the lines appear as dotted lines.

Slits are shown as dotted lines