Clean the Lid


To avoid damage, do not use flammable liquids or other chemicals to clean the equipment.

The lid contains the steam, mist, and particles emitted while cutting. Cutting underwater and using the nozzle splash guard helps limit the amount of particle emission into the enclosure. Cleaning the lid after each cut is a best practice. See the Maintenance Schedule for the recommended frequency for this task.

Figure 591  

1. Open the lid and lock it in the upright position.

Use care when opening or closing the lid to avoid injury. Never let the lid free-fall. Keep hand, fingers, or body parts away from the side of the table when closing the lid.

2. Gently spray the inside of the lid with water to rinse off accumulated abrasive and other particles.

Garnet abrasive particles are like sand and can scratch the lid surface if wiped off.

3. Gently wipe the inside and outside of the lid with a clean, soft cloth.

4. Close the lid.