Clean the Garnet Bins

The garnet bins capture some of the spent particles introduced into the catcher tank during the cutting process. Particles settle into these bins rather than accumulate in the catcher tank. See the Maintenance Schedule for the recommended frequency for this task.


To avoid damage, do not use flammable liquids or other chemicals to clean the equipment.


Use care when emptying the bins. To avoid damage to the bins, do not strike the bins against objects or use sharp instruments to remove garnet from the bins.

1. Open the lid and lock it in the upright position.

Use care when opening or closing the lid to avoid injury. Never let the lid free-fall. Keep hand, fingers, or body parts away from the side of the table when closing the lid.

2. Lower the water in the catcher tank to below the thumbscrews.
3. Spray a strong stream of water on the thumbscrews to remove all debris.
4. Loosen the thumbscrews and remove the garnet bins.

Figure 590  

5. Rinse the garnet bins until clean.
6. Replace the garnet bins and tighten the thumbscrew.
7. Close the lid.