Clean the Catcher Tank Filters and Drains


To avoid damage, do not use flammable liquids or other chemicals to clean the equipment.

The catcher tank has an adjustable drain and filter [1] and an overflow drain and filter [2] for maintaining the water level during operation. Each drain is equipped with a filter to keep garnet and other cutting debris in the catcher tank allowing the debris to accumulate in the garnet bins. See the Maintenance Schedule for the recommended frequency for this task.

Figure 594  


The machine is shipped with either metal screen filter [1] or a foam filter [2] installed. The metal screen filter screws onto the drainpipe, and the foam filter has a slot on the bottom for attaching to the drain pipe.

Figure 595  


Water can damage the electrical control cabinet and other components. Always make sure the water in the catcher tank is removed, or the water is below the adjustable tank drain [1] and the tank overflow drain [2] before cleaning or removing the drain hoses and connections.

Figure 596  

1. Open the lid and lock it in the upright position.

Use care when opening or closing the lid to avoid injury. Never let the lid free-fall. Keep hand, fingers, or body parts away from the side of the table when closing the lid.

2. Remove the filters from the adjustable drain pipe and overflow drain.
3. Spray a strong stream of water through the adjustable pipe [1] and overflow tube [2] to wash away settled debris.

If spraying the drain pipe and tube does not dislodge debris or the water flow remains restricted, the drain pipe and tubes may need to be removed and cleaned with a brush, see Remove Tank Drain Clog.

Figure 597  

4. Spray the filters with a strong stream of water to remove debris or replace if needed.
5. Reinstall the filters.
6. Close the lid.