Clean the Cutting Stage


To avoid damage, do not use flammable liquids or other chemicals to clean the equipment.

The cutting stage is where all of the components to support and cut the material are located, including the cutting deck, the X, Y, and Z-axes, and the nozzle. See the Maintenance Schedule for the recommended frequency for this task.

1. Open the lid and lock it in the upright position.

Use care when opening or closing the lid to avoid injury. Never let the lid free-fall. Keep hand, fingers, or body parts away from the side of the table when closing the lid.

2. Gently spray the X, Y, and Z-axes bellows [1] and components, the backplate [2], the cutting stage frame [3], material holding fixtures [4], and the slat or polymer cutting deck [5] to rinse the sludge into the catcher tank and garnet bins.

To prevent water or sludge from splashing out of the machine, do not use a forceful spray of water.

Figure 592  

If cutting plastics or using the polymer cutting deck to support materials while cutting, plastic debris can accumulate on and around the cutting deck area. Excessive plastic debris can build up and clog the drain system.

3. Remove the floating particles as they accumulate, using a strainer to skim the surface of the water.

4. Close the lid.