Unpack the ProtoMAX


The crated ProtoMAX weighs approximately 600 lbs (272 Kg). To avoid injury, clear the area of obstacles and debris before installation. Two or more people are required to move the ProtoMAX. Always move the ProtoMAX slowly to prevent injury or damage.

1. Place the pallet near the installation location, ensuring the front of the pallet is facing away from any wall or obstruction(s). See ProtoMAX Utilities Requirements for placement and location information.
2. Remove the plastic sheeting and shipping bands from the box and discard.


SUFFOCATION RISK! Plastic sheeting can be dangerous. Thin plastic film may cling to the nose and mouth preventing breathing. Keep the plastic bag away from babies, small children, and pets.


Plastic sheeting may be slippery. Once the plastic sheeting is removed from the ProtoMAX, remove it from the area to avoid slip, trip, and/or fall injuries.

3. Carefully remove the shipping crate top and sides.

4. Remove the plastic sheeting from the ProtoMAX and discard.
5. Remove and read the document package.
6. Remove box [1] from the pallet.

Figure 115  

7. Remove all items from box 1.
8. Connect power to the laptop, start the laptop, and open 401420A-EN Installation, ProtoMAX from TechDocs located in the ProtoMAX Knowledgebase for the remaining installation instructions for the ProtoMAX.

Figure 116  

9. Remove the garnet abrasive [1] from the pallet, and set aside.

Figure 117  


The garnet abrasive container is very heavy. Use proper lifting techniques to avoid back and other possible injuries.

10. Carefully remove the side panel kit [1] and set aside.

Figure 118  

11. Sweep the floor to ensure it is free of debris and clean the area where the ProtoMAX will be placed.
12. Remove the lag bolts securing the pump to the pallet and discard.

Figure 119  


The pump may be moved for easier access to the side bolts.

13. Remove the pump side bolts and bracket and discard.

Figure 120  


Two people are required to move the pump. Always move the pump slowly to avoid injury. Do not lift the pump by the safety valve or wet-end; move the pump by the frame [1] to avoid damage.

Figure 121


Do not tip the pump on the side. Tilting the pump may damage the caster brackets. Always move the pump by rolling it or lifting it by the frame to avoid damage.

14. Unlock the pump wheels and move the pump by the frame [1] from the pallet, and set aside (Figure 121).


Ensure the safety valve has cleared the machine frame and other components before lifting or moving off the pallet.

15. Cut the straps securing the table assembly to the pallet and discard.

Figure 122  


Two or more people are required to move the table or pump. Do not lift or drag the table by the lower support legs. The table is top and rear heavy and may tilt or shift during movement. Always move the table slowly to avoid injury.

Figure 123  

16. Position the table for movement:
a. Unlock the wheels.
b. Turn the table counter-clockwise and move the table towards the left, off the shipping blocks.

Use care when moving the table to avoid damaging the ProtoMAX power cord. The power cord may be pinched between the shipping block and the support bracket when rotating and/or moving the ProtoMAX. Pinching the power cord may damage the electrical cables inside the cord.

Figure 124  

c. Remove the shipping blocks from the pallet.

17. Move the table from the pallet:

Do not let the ProtoMAX fall to the floor. Dropping or jarring the ProtoMAX will damage the machine and internal components. When using lifting straps for movement, use the opposite (free) hand to support and guide the ProtoMAX.

a. Lift the table front and slowly move it forward until the ProtoMAX is midway off the pallet edge, then gently lower the legs to the ground.

Figure 125  

b. Lift the table rear and move the ProtoMAX off the pallet, then gently lower the table to the floor.

Figure 126  

18. Roll the ProtoMAX to the installation location and lock the wheels.

Align the wheels under the bracket before locking. Protruding wheels may cause tripping or falling hazards. To avoid injury and/or damage, lock all ProtoMAX wheels. The lock stops the wheel from rotating and rolling, which prevents the ProtoMAX from moving during operation.

a. Place a shipping block next to the frame leg.
b. Slightly lift the frame leg with a pry bar and rotate the wheel under the bracket.

Figure 127  

c. Lower the frame leg, lock the wheel, then remove the shipping block.
d. Repeat steps 18.a.–18.c. for each frame leg.