Begin Machining

This control displays when you press Begin Machining.

It controls the cutting head as it machines a part. Note that machining will not begin until you click Start.

Use this control to start and stop machining

The progress bar shows the percent complete in terms of distance, not time. The remaining display shows the estimated time remaining.

Right-click Menu

Right-click Begin Machining to display the drop-down menu.

The Begin Machining drop-down menu

Begin (Default)…
The standard Path Control dialog is displayed.

Continue from "Path Interrupted" Home…
The Path Control is displayed, ready to continue at the location where the machining head was paused. (If there was no pause while making the last part, this option is not available.) The machining head will not move until you click Continue.

Go To Spot On Path…
After selecting this option, click on a spot on the tool path where you would like the machining head to go. The machining head will traverse directly there; because it is not following the tool path, make sure the machining head's path is clear of fixtures.



ProtoMAX can go through a "dry run" of a part, where it goes through all the motions of making the part without any water or abrasive.

To Begin Machining

Press Start to begin making the part. A small white cross appears on the drawing, showing the current location of the machining head.


Pressing Start will activate the high-pressure water pump and nozzle. Make sure that the machining head is free and able to move without obstruction. Make sure that the nozzle is pointed safely into the catching tank, and that no body parts are in front of the nozzle.

To Pause Machining

There are several ways to pause the ProtoMAX during machining.

  • Click Pause at next traverse: This method is optimal as it helps to avoid minor surface blemishes.
  • Lift lid: Open the lid during machining to trigger the safety switch. You can still move the cutting head, but cannot engage the cut until the lid is closed.
  • Click Pause: This pauses the cut at the current location. Click Start to resume.
  • Press spacebar: This also pauses the machine. However, this method is unreliable because if another application (for example, Microsoft Word) has the focus, you will add extra spaces to your document rather than pausing the ProtoMAX.

Pausing the ProtoMAX may result in a minor surface blemish at that location on your part. To avoid this, consider using Pause at START/END of next traverse.

Backup and Ahead

When the Path Control is showing, click on the green arrows with either the left (move quickly) or right (move slowly) mouse buttons to move forward and backward along the tool path.