Cut Off Saw

Use the Nozzle as a Cut-off saw

Click he Saw button to operate the ProtoMAX as a material cut-off saw.

There are three steps required to operate the ProtoMAX as a cut-off saw:

1. Choose the cut Quality

2. Set the linear distance to cut

3. Set the direction of the cut



Whatever material is currently entered for the open tool path, is the material the cut-off saw assumes is being cut. To change the material, use the Change Path Setup button in MAKE.

Once valid values have been entered, the Go! button will be available to begin the cutting operation. If the operation will move the machining head past the machine limits, the Go! button will not be enabled.

Cut off Saw does not do a pierce before moving. It simply starts moving at the speed necessary to cut through the material. For that reason, you should either place the nozzle at the edge of the material, or use the Test command to first pierce a hole in the material. Similarly, at the end of the cut, there may be a small triangle of material (because the jet skips into the air). You can remove the triangle of material by cutting across it again, or by using a higher cutting quality to make the cut. These effects are more noticeable in thicker and harder materials.

This control turns the ProtoMAX into a cut-off saw


Choose the Quality
Click on the Type of Movement pull-down list to choose the Quality.

Choose the Quality to use with the cut-off saw


Set the linear distance to cut
Enter the distance to cut.

Set the angle to cut
Either enter the angle or click and drag the point to the desired angle of the cut. The angle is relative to the machining table (therefore, to perform a specific angle cut on the material, the material would need to be aligned with the machining table).



If you hold down the Shift key while you click and drag the directional arrow, you can also specify the distance to cut. The farther away from the center you move the cursor, the larger the distance to cut will be.


Select Keep dialog open when finished to prevent the Cut Off Saw pop-up window from automatically closing upon completion of the requested saw operation.

While the Saw command is running, a progress bar appears on the screen to show how far it has gone, and how much time remains. When the cutting is complete, the dialog disappears.

This bar shows the progress of the Saw command