Reference Snap

The Reference Snap is a “snap” in LAYOUT that allows the XY nozzle coordinates to be captured from MAKE and entered into LAYOUT. It is a special snap that actually talks with MAKE to determine these coordinates. The nozzle can be positioned on a particular feature of a part in MAKE and then Reference Snap locates that exact spot in LAYOUT.

The Reference Snap button is active only when both LAYOUT and MAKE are running at the same time on the OMAX PC controller.

How to use Reference Snap

1. Open LAYOUT and MAKE both simultaneously on the same computer

2.Ideally, position the LAYOUT and MAKE windows such that you can easily see them both on the computer at the same time.

3. Use the controls in MAKE to move the machine to a location

4. In LAYOUT, use existing drawing tools such as Line and Arc and Circle along with the Reference Snap to capture the point(s) desired repeat.

You can keep tools open In LAYOUT partly complete (such as a line with only one end point specified) while you switch over to MAKE and move to the next point. You may find the Windows shortcut ALT+TAB to be useful for task switching. Reference Snap always returns the coordinates relative to the Absolute Home position of the machine. This may cause the portion digitized to not appear in LAYOUT exactly where you want it in some cases. In this case, simply use the “Move” command to move the final geometry to the desired location after digitization is complete.