Quality Window

Assign a Quality to entities selected using a window

The Quality Window command sets the Quality for entities using a window. Only entities that lie completely within the window are selected.

After selecting this command, the cursor changes and the Quality button bar appears:

The Quality toolbar

Choose the Quality to be assigned to the entities. (A Quality of "3" is automatically selected if this is the first time you are using Quality since starting LAYOUT . If you have already used a Quality command, the Quality will be the same as the last Quality you assigned.)

Use the cursor to define a box that includes the entities to be changed. Click once to define one corner of the box. A light blue box will now follow the cursor, indicating the size of the box that will be created when you click again.

LAYOUT will then assign the selected Quality to any entities which have both endpoints within the window. The color assigned to each entity reflects the Quality used to make it.

You can continue to define windows, and choose different Qualities.

When the Quality is set, press Esc, choose Cancel or select another command.