Drawing Info

Displays information about the drawing

Clicking the Info button to display information about the current drawing.

Sample drawing information display


The information displayed includes:

  • Total drawing width and height
    The total width (X dimension) of the drawing, along with the total height (Y dimension) of the drawing. This will be the size of a square piece of material required to fit the entire drawing.

  • Entity information
    Information about the lengths of various types of entities in the drawing.

  • Edit description of drawing
    A description of the drawing. This description also appears in the File Open dialog. Change the description from this dialog by typing in a new description, or by making changes to the existing one. This description shows up in the “comments” section of the OMX files generated, which can be read inside of MAKE once the path is loaded by clicking the “Notes and Comments” tab in MAKE.




If you intend to open the DXF file in other CAD systems, you may wish to keep the drawing description below 255 characters. This will ensure maximum compatibility for the rare instances where a 3rd party CAD system may impose this limit.

  • Selected Entity Information
    Information about the total length, width, height, etc. of selected entities.

Click OK when you are finished viewing the information. If there were changes to the drawing description and you decide not to keep them, click Cancel to discard the changes.