Place and Connect the Pump

1. Roll the pump under the table, leaving a 1–2 in. space [2] between the back of the pump and the control cabinet, then lock one of the pump wheels [1].

Figure 469  

2. Connect the cooling line OUT to the push-to-connect OUT connection [1] on the pump. The cooling OUT line and connections have yellow cable ties attached.

Figure 470  

3. Connect the cooling line from the IN connection [2] on the pump to the push-to-connect fitting [1]. The cooling IN line and connections have red cable ties attached.

Figure 471  


Do not use teflon tape or pipe sealant on the water connections. Teflon thread or sealant particles can enter into the high-pressure plumbing system and damage the pump and nozzle.

4. Connect the supply water hose from the pump wet end [2] to the 90-degree fitting [1] and tighten.

Figure 472  

5. Apply a heavy coat of dielectric compound to the transducer cable [2], then connect the transducer cable to the transducer [1].

Figure 473  

6. Apply a heavy coat of dielectric compound to the power cord plug [2] (Figure 474).
7. Aline the notches [1] on the power cord plug and power connector [3], then push until the power cord plug seats in the power connector (Figure 474).
8. Rotate the shell counterclockwise until the threads engage, then turn the shell clockwise to tighten.

Figure 474