Connect the High-Pressure Plumbing

When preparing the ProtoMAX high-pressure tubing, it is critical to follow instructions. Some high-pressure tubing and fittings are pre-assembled. Fittings may need readjustment during installation to make sure proper seals and eliminate potential leaks. Use the provided Stand-off tool to make sure the fittings are correctly seated and sealed.

1. Verify the u-shape high-pressure nipple, gland nut, slotted collet, and collar are assembled and aligned. See High-Pressure Gland Nut Assembly.

High-pressure nipples have left-hand threads, therefore when connecting components, turn clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise tighten. Cross threading high-pressure connections can cause leaks or water damage from the leak(s).

2. Verify the collar [1] is installed in the correct position using the stand-off tool [2], then adjust the collar to the correct depth if needed.

Figure 475  

3. Position the pump so that the high-pressure plumbing is aligned vertically and horizontally, and the rear of the pump is 1–2 in. from the control cabinet.

Figure 476  

4. Attach the assembled u-shape nipple [1] to the pump high-pressure outlet OUT connection [2] and hand-tighten.

Figure 477  

5. Verify the gland nut [2] is set approximately to the depth of the nozzle stand-off tool [1].

Figure 478  

6. Adjust the position of the bracket [1], then tighten the bracket.

Figure 479  

7. Lock the pump wheels [1].

Figure 480  

8. Torque the pump connection (Figure 482).

The jaws of the crowfoot must maintain a 90-degree angle to the horizontal axis of the torque-wrench handle throughout the torquing rotation. Other angles of orientation can alter the set torque.

Figure 481  

Figure 482

9. Attach the bracket cap [1] and tighten.

Move the conduit out of the way so that it is not trapped under the bracket.

Figure 483  

10. Reinstall the front support bracket [1] with the provided hardware.

Figure 484